3 Studio Must Haves For Florists

The past few years I have been in business, the vendors I seem to work with most are florists. I recently did a session showcasing Ivie Anderson’s Branded Blossom & Co. floral designs and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give insight into three studio must haves for florists.

studio must haves for florists

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Most of you know that I have been hand painting my own backdrops for almost a year now. So it’s no surprise this is the first item on the list. Whether you have an actual studio space or a vintage horse trailer like Branded Blossom & Co., you can still make use of backdrops.

Hand painting backdrops is super easy and affordable! They showcase your floral designs and attract ideal clients. Ivie and I both agree that in the midst of a chaotic work day, it’s easy to forget taking images of your own work before it goes out the door to the client. Having these backdrops in your studio space makes it so much easier to snap a photo of the beautiful bouquet you just put together. Want to learn how to paint your own? I have a complete online course that teaches you my simple techniques HERE.

Speaking of snapping a photo, if you are interested in my secrets to great mobile images – here is a freebie for you! Click HERE to receive all of my secrets to taking great photos with your mobile device.

studio must haves for florists


Other studio must haves for florists include vases. As a photographer, I personally stock up on these myself for personal work and encaustic prints that showcase floral arrangements. You can find these at antique shops, thrift and craft stores, and of course Amazon. I recently found a beautiful one that you can view here. I have even known florists who have spray painted their own. Each of them has a wide variety of different vases for their studio space. The one pictured in Branded Blossom & Co. images is a milk vase for reference.

must haves for florists


I could go on about more studio must haves for florists but I will end with ribbon instead. Ribbon adds such a beautiful touch to each bouquet and it’s a staple to have in your workspace. You can order them from Etsy, Amazon and craft stores have different varieties as well. I personally am a huge fan of silk and velvet ribbon for styled shoots. Here is an example of some ribbon I recently found and love.

So there you have it! Here is 3 studio must haves for florists – backdrops, vases and ribbon! I love giving insights into things I have learned about different vendors. I am so grateful for each and every florist I have met along my photography journey. You all truly bring so much light to the world and I am thankful for each opportunity we have to work together!

florists must haves