During a recent trip to Pennsylvania, I stopped in to see the Cairnwood Estate with my good friend, Carly Black (a destination wedding planner). She had told me of Cairnwood's beauty but honestly it wasn't until we pulled into the parking lot that I truly grasped the magnitude of how beautiful this space really is.

The estate dates back to the 19th Century and was created as a sanctuary for the industrialist John Pitcairn. Upon entering the Cairnwood, you are greeted with tall ceilings, antique rugs, beautiful hardwood floors and ample lighting from the large windows that line the walls in the great hall.

Upon entering the living room, I felt like I was transported back to Downton Abbey. This room was absolutely stunning and I loved how you could easily access the veranda from this portion of the estate. We then walked down the hallway and into a room that was the perfect shade of pink. This particular room would be perfect for desserts and a fun room for your guests to visit.

One thing that is really unique about the Cairnwood is that it is a private event / reception space only. Meaning there are no ceremonies that happen here on the property. However, they do have a list given to each couple that showcases the spaces surrounding them that do host ceremonies. Either way, you are getting your very own private 26,000 square foot castle for your friends and loved ones to celebrate your love for each other.

Not to mention the indoor and outdoor use of this space is pretty spectacular as well. I absolutely adore the idea of being able to have the option to have guests inside and / or outside. It allows for movement throughout the night and I love being able to document people mingling, dancing and simply having fun.

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