While touring venues in Pennsylvania, I ran across Domaine Pterion. This historical farm is located on top of South Mountain and not only offers stunning views of a 15 acre vineyard, but also a renovated barn that dates back to the 1780s.

Elizabeth and Daniel O'Rourke purchased this beautiful property in 2014 and you can tell they have put their heart and soul into it. I was instantly amazed as I pulled into the driveway with how stunning their home was (located right next to the winery / venue). As of now, it is used solely by Elizabeth and Daniel - but I wanted to feature it in this post so you could see exactly what I was talking about. 

Below, it you can find images of the bridal suite. It was absolutely breathtaking and I immediately felt a warm welcome as I entered the room. What really stood out to me was the bed that was placed inside. As a photographer, I love having a space that can be used as mini boudoir session as well. Think about it, if you are already in beautiful lingerie, hair and makeup is done - why not take advantage of the moment and let me document a mini fine art boudoir session.

Next, you scroll over an image of the grooms suite. It is still in the works but let me tell you guys it is absolutely amazing in there. I can't wait to take a trip back to see it once it is complete. Afterwards we walked to the backside of the winery. Large doors and windows meant the venue itself was very well lit. I love incorporating both an indoor and outdoor space with a wedding. And of course, you are able to look out and see the rolling hills of the vineyard that are in line with the winery. 

Another hit for me was the use of a very large kitchen space. You could tell Elizabeth really thought about serving each and every person who arrives at Domaine Pterion. She truly wants everyone to have a wonderful time while they are there. As a photographer, I love seeing all of the details and thought that goes into making a venue perfect and Elizabeth and Daniel have done an amazing job at this.


If you are interested in getting married at Domaine Pterion and are needing a wedding photographer. Matthew and I both would love to be considered. We only take 12 weddings each year to ensure our clients get the best of the best. Click here to inquire about remaining availability for this year.