Educating veterans and photographers across the globe

When Matthew joined Chelsea Watkins Photography, we knew we wanted to have an impact on our Veteran community. With that being said, we are in the midst of creating many more education opportunities for our Veterans and their families.

Curious about the education options we currently offer? Click the links below to learn more. Don't forget, we also have a shop full of goodies as well.

Education has always been a passion of mine. When I was a young girl, I told my parents that I wanted to be a teacher and for a long time that is exactly what I pursued. Two degrees later, my path to educating now looks differently.

Now the word education takes on many roles in my life. From homeschooling, to teaching business owners how to paint their backdrops, and now photography classes. But it doesn't just stop there.

"Talent is good. Practice is better. Passion is best"

-Frank Lloyd Wright


Providing photography classes to everyone is going to help in our efforts with Operation Headshot becoming a nonprofit. Each time you choose to book a class with us, 25% of your payment goes to Operation Headshot. Operation Headshot is working towards helping veterans with their transition from active duty to civilian status, providing free headshots along the way, and giving them access to retreats to help combat PTSD.

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