While photographing the Yosts in Italy, we also photographed a Florence couples session with the brides sister – Lauren and her boyfriend, Mitchell. As the sun rose through the Italian streets of Florence, these two love birds looked as if they just came out of a romance novel.

Being a former practicing cosmetologist, I have always adored red locks. Lauren’s curly red hair was the perfect pop of color against the backdrops of Florence. Like her sister, they both chose to wear blue and honestly I couldn’t have picked a better color myself. It looked gorgeous against ever bit of architecture we photographed them in front of including the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza Duomo.

As for Mitchell, his eyes stayed locked onto Lauren the entire morning. Seriously every time I looked around he was smiling at her. It was the absolute sweetest and we couldn’t have pictured this Florence couples session going any better than it did.

Mitchell and Lauren,

Thank you for allowing Matthew and I to photograph these unforgettable moments. To be able to look back and see a piece of your trip this way is just so special and we are blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you both. We hope these images are cherished for years to come.

With Love,

Chelsea and Matthew


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