hand-painted backdrop course



Are you a photographer, wedding planner, florist, baker, hair/makeup artist, small business owner or blogger?

Do you use backdrops and flat lays to show off your skills or products? Have you ever considered painting your own?

If the answer is no because you think they are:

  1. Expensive
  2. Time consuming OR
  3. Difficult

Well, I'm here to tell you that none of those are reasons you shouldn't be painting your own!

A large hand painted backdrop will cost you roughly 1/4th of what one is online.

I am a military spouse, business owner and full time stay at home mom to two toddlers, if I have the time to do this so do you!

My techniques are super easy and can be tweaked to make them your own.

After I began hand painting my own backdrops and flat lays:

  • I noticed a shift in how much people were paying me for my services.
  • My brands message became clearer to my audience.
  • I was able to customize them to fit my clients and vendors needs.

Hello Loves

hand-painted backdrop course

I'm Chelsea

When I'm not with camera in hand, you can find me listening to vinyl records, driving my antique bronco, or doing something artistic. I am also a mother to two wild boys and a military spouse.

I received both of my degrees with a focus in education. I have always loved helping others find the best way to do something without spending an arm and a leg and that is why I am so passionate about this course.

Painting is also very therapeutic to me and my hope is that you take away not just knowledge but something that makes you happy and provides a stress free experience in a world that is pretty stressful.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

hand-painted backdrop course

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Raving Reviews:

"I just finished the Hand-Painted Backdrop Course. This was FANTASTIC! I have been wanting to paint my own backdrop for a couple of years and have watched YouTube videos and never felt confident. With Chelsea's course I finally had some light bulb moments!"

- Susan Ditchfield -

hand-painted backdrop course


Supplies Lists

All of my go to supplies so you aren't waisting your money finding the right items.

Painting Techniques

Techniques on how to paint so you can create brand specific backdrops and flat lays in just a few hours.

Varnishing Instructions

How to care for and store your paintings.

Styling Examples

Examples of how I use hand painted backdrops and flat lays to elevate my brand.


General Questions