If you are considering a destination wedding in Italy, La Badia di Orvieto should be at the top of your list for venues to look at. This 12th century Romanesque church is absolutely stunning. From the white marble to the stone walls, every aspect of the La Badia di Orvieto embodies fine art and romance.

Before I go any further into how much we love La Badia di Orvieto, I need to tell you why Orvieto is one of our favorite places to visit in Italy. This historical town sits high on a mountain and upon entering you are greeted with stone walls and pebbled streets. Orvieto is full of history that dates back to 500 B.C. and one of our favorite places to visit was the Duomo. Upon walking in, my breath was taken away with jaw dropping art and high ceilings. It’s a must see if you have the opportunity to visit.

Matthew and I have a full list of our favorite restaurants, wineries and things to do in the area for those who may be interested in booking their wedding there. Make sure to let us know so we can send this to you! We want to ensure your stay is just as amazing as ours was. Have you considered a destination wedding?

Photography: Chelsea Watkins Photography

Design, Styling + Florals: Janna Brown Design Co

Bridal Boutique: Alexias Bridal

Gown: ReemAcra Wedding

Coordination: Che Chic Weddings

Hair: Oliver Giacone

Makeup: Milvi Colmenares

Paper Artist: Prairie and Sage

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