For the past three years while living in Southern California, I had dreamed of shooting a Max Patch couples session. If you don’t already know, my favorite places usually consist of having some sort of mountain landscape and it’s no secret Max Patch is one of the most beautiful places on the East Coast for showcasing its beauty.

So when Matthew came to me with Midland tickets for Asheville, I knew we had to stop at Max Patch on our way. Luckily, Muskaan and Shaiyaz were willing to venture through the rough terrain as well to get there. Now when I say rough terrain, I don’t mean rock climbing craziness. However, if you do plan on going to Max Patch then I will worn you it takes a little ways to get up there and to go slow around turns because the roads are not very wide.

But, oh my lanta y’all when you do arrive it is one heck of a scenic view. You do have to hike a bit of a ways to see it but nothing too crazy or strenuous. Muskaan and Shaiyaz were such troopers and braved the cold December mountain air for some beautiful photographs.

As for the style of this couples session, I wanted to keep it super relaxed. I have been slowly rewriting my style guides and I have come to the conclusion that you don’t have to get all dressed up to love your photos. Coming from a girl who loves a good pair of Levi’s and a leather jacket, fancy dresses are not my go to. So I wanted to make sure that Muskaan and Shaiyaz felt the same.

The biggest change that began with this session and will continue into 2022 is that Matthew helped me photograph this couples session! From now on, those who book a couples session will have both Matthew and I there to document your experience. The beautiful wide photos you see such as the first one on this page were taken by Matthew. I am so grateful to make memories and share these moments with him.

Muskaan & Shaiyaz,

Thank you so much for braving the weather and allowing both Matthew and I to photograph your Max Patch couples session. I hope these images bring you so much joy and we both wish you the best!

With Love,

Chelsea & Matthew



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