One of the best things about my job is being creative and thinking outside of the box. This year I decided to launch a spin on Nashville boudoir photography that I have personally never seen before. I call them – Sexy Selfie Sessions.

Laugh if you may, but let me explain. The idea came to me after thinking about all of the times Matthew was deployed or training while Active Duty in the Marine Corps. Having two under two during his last deployment meant I had no time to get all ready to send a simple photo of myself. I would grab my phone and take a selfie that I honestly wasn’t proud of. These consisted of me in sweat pants, spit up in my hair and let’s not forget the six months that Cy didn’t sleep through the night – I looked like a mess.

This took a bit of a toll on how I felt about myself. I realized that sometimes we get so caught up in work and / or being a mom and we forget who we are. So, I wanted to create a boudoir session for women who want fine art images of themselves. I wanted these to be very simple – meaning no beds, couches, or anything distracting.

The focus would be 100% on you! 

I bring along one of my hand-painted backdrops and photograph using both digital and 35mm film. No weird posing. No weird anything. Just a beautiful human in front of a camera. Raw, real moments!

You deserve to feel beautiful my dear and this is exactly why I created Sexy Selfie Sessions. If you are looking for a Nashville boudoir photographer then inquire HERE. I offer Sexy Selfies, Valentines Day Minis and Fine Art Boudoir Collections. Want to learn more about my process and see my latest featured work featured on The White Wren, then click HERE.