Most of you who know me already know that Matthew and I did not elope. So I am sure there are many of you who question why I am a destination intimate wedding photographer. Why would I promote a business around something I did not get to experience myself? Well, you guys are about to find out because here are my top reasons you should consider eloping.

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Eloping is a much more stress free experience for many reasons. Most couples want to showcase their love in a more intimate setting with just the two of them. The day you pledge your love to someone else should not feel overwhelming. For me personally, I had so much anxiety leading up to my wedding. I honestly got caught up in so much worry that the day itself became hectic. The pressure to make sure everyone else was taken care of made it hard for me to really relax and enjoy the overall experience of getting married.

Elopements are great options for couples who love detail, adventure and are passionate about each other. You should never look back on one of your biggest days together and think "what if".


I get it when people want a traditional church wedding. There is nothing wrong with getting married in a traditional manner, but is it for everyone? No. There is no specific and certain standard on how you choose to say I do. Eloping allows you to overlook all the norms and have exactly what you want in a wedding. If your dream is eloping on an English countryside and gallop off on a beautiful horse, then by golly you should have it. Eloping is for couples who want to turn thier biggest dreams into a reality. You can be your true, genuine selves, and make the most of the moment. At the end of it all, your day should just be about the two of you beginning your lives together.


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 I spent five years doing hair and makeup for weddings prior to becoming a photographer and I have witnessed some major drama. From timelines being off, families who do not support the marriage, friends who can't get along and the list goes on. I have seen it all and let me tell you right now, none of the drama is worth ruining your day.

I will be honest when Matthew and I got married, I knew walking down the aisle there were people sitting in the church who had bets we would not last. While I knew those who were genuinely happy for us, I knew the ones who weren't. Looking back on it I should never have worried what they thought, nor should I have spent the money to accommodate them. Not everyone has had my experience but it definitely made me look at things differently.


Matthew and I can be polar opposites when it comes to certain things. For one, he is pretty quiet and I could talk to a wall. Honestly the overall thought of speaking in front of my family and friends never crossed my mind. However, I do keep my emotions to myself and the thought of saying my vows out loud made me cringe. If you are like me, you want to pour your heart and soul into your vows. You shouldn't have to worry about who is watching and what you say. Elopements take that stress completely away. You get to decide whether it is just you two or if you want immediate family/friends around. Usually if you choose to have family/friends at your elopement, it is because they are your biggest supporters. This is your moment, don't forget that.

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With larger, traditional weddings there is so many extras to think about. All of which can be stressful and time consuming. There is nothing wrong with details, and I say that because a CW couple loves their details. However, accommodating a lot of people can be overwhelming. I mean, not everyone can eat the same things nor wear the same sizes. Bigger wedding parties call for more attention to extras that take away from the couple.

The extra expenses to accommodate 100 hungry adults can go towards plane tickets to your favorite location, a beautiful air b&b where you can relax and get ready together, the exact dress you have tore out of a magazine and kept for years, the flowers and small intricate keepsakes you want showcased for your detail photos, champagne and whatever treats your hearts desire for celebrating your lives together.

An elopement can still be luxurious. Oh, and who said you two had to be alone? Have your immediate family and close friends there to celebrate this moment!

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I hate feeling like I am being rushed and I know this is the same for my couples. Strict timelines for larger weddings usually mean they get 30 minutes to maybe an hour of photos together on their day. Usually these photos are of them in the same location and include a photo or two of them in front of their venue. This kills me! To spend the money to accommodate everyone and only have thirty minutes for portraits is insane to me. And I say this because I did it too. Elopements / intimate weddings allow me to spend as much time photographing you and the people you love most. It allows me to be more creative and gives you the opportunity to relax and just have fun.

With that being said, you guys have made it through my reasons to consider eloping! I hope this has helped those of you who are on the fence about making the decision to elope or have an intimate wedding. If you love my style of work and could see me capturing your day, head over to my inquire page here and fill out my inquiry form.  I love meeting new couples and hearing your vision for your big day!Want more elopement inspiration? Check out my Pinterest!