As I was writing my tips for styling flat lays like a pro, I realized I needed to share my wedding day styling kit must haves with you all as well! This list is perfect for new and seasoned photographers. My hope is that it helps you save both time and money and elevates your brand even further. Let’s jump to it shall we?

styling kit must haves

(Disclaimer: these are items I personally use and recommend however, everyone is different and you may find something that works better for you than what I suggest. Some links below are affiliate links meaning I make a small commission if you choose to purchase).


The number one item I can’t go without is my flat lays/styling mats. I use to make these with linen but in the past year I began painting my own. They are super easy, customizable, affordable and I do them in our living room at night while our boys are asleep. Seriously, anyone can do this! I have an entire educational course launching next week on how to paint your own so if you want in on learning more about hand-painting your own click HERE.

styling kit for photographers


As for what I bring to carry my items, I am still technically a licensed cosmetologist and I use a MAC professional makeup bag. They no longer sale these however I have three alternatives that are just as great. The closest one to what I have is this one by Make Up For Ever. The next one is a Zuca Artist Shoulder Bag that comes with three utility pouches to hold all of your accessories. I love these utility pouches because I can store all sorts of small trinkets in each one. If you want something that can also hold some gear I suggest this Zuca Tech Case Shoulder Bag. No matter what you choose, make sure you have plenty of space to store all of your items.


The next items I bring are small bits of fabric (you can purchase from Joann’s) and had dyed cheesecloth (I purchased from Etsy). These add texture and dimension to your details. You can also use the brides veil if you don’t have any of these on hand.

Don’t forget to order ribbon as well. I love companies like:

FrouFrou Chic / Nettle & Silk

If you are in a bit of a rush and need them fast, I suggest these as well. They come in a wide variety of colors and each set includes three colors of ribbon. I also love using empty wooden spools. You can leave them unfinished or stain/paint them yourself.


The next thing you will need is an assortment of trays. I usually get the larger ones from Goodwill and the smaller ring trays I find online. If you are looking for a vintage small tray, I suggest this one. It looks very antique and I love gold. It goes with just about everything! If you are looking for a white one then this one is a great option. And if you are wanting something for pops of color I have one for you as well. You can find it here. These trays are great ways to show off pops of color and you can really add depth to your imagery by using them.

styling kit for wedding photographers


You styling kit is not complete until you have all of your accessories! Here is my full list of small accessories I include in my styling kit:

Ring Boxes – I prefer vintage ones but they can be expensive and I usually order them on Ebay.

Vintage Stamps

Acrylic Blocks – I have used mini canvas’ as well and they work just as good!

Vintage Scissors

Wooden Handle Wax Seal Stamp

Stasher Bag – I use these to store my film in.

Pin Frogs – Help to hold flowers in place.

Orthodontic Wax – Great for holding rings up or placing them against each other.

Zeiss Lens Wipes

Travel Sewing Kit


The last items I suggest to go in your styling kit are hangers. I hate walking in and seeing mix matched hanger everywhere. Invest in some wooden hangers that match! I promise these are such a life saver. The ones I personally use you can find here. If you can’t find a place to hang the gown, I also suggest having command hooks as well. You can place them just about anywhere!


I had to include something to help you all save some money! Rakuten is a great way to find all of these items on sale and receive cash back for your purchases. I seriously use them for every part of my business. I even have it set up on my laptop to notify me when these items are found at different stores at lower price points. Don’t have a Rakuten account? Set one up using my referral link here.

Also, don’t forget to keep your business cards in your styling kit! I save a ton of money by purchasing my business cards directly from Canva. They are great quality and for every purchase made, they plant a tree which is awesome! You can use this link to join!

And that is it! These are all of the items I suggest having in your wedding details styling kit. I know it may seem like a lot but think of these as a one time investment. Plus, remember to include them in your tax write off as well! I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions about my personal kit you can email me –