Morgan and Kristen are the epitome of my ideal clients and I was honored to photograph their Sunset Cliffs elopement. If you don’t know, Sunset Cliffs is a well known place to visit here in San Diego. I have been their numerous times for different sessions and each time I find something special about it. So when Kristen booked me for their Sunset Cliffs elopement I was excited!

Due to Covid, many things have changed about weddings. However, a company named Web Wed has helped solve a lot of concerns for couples who are wanting to get married quickly. This online service is the new “Vegas and Uber of Weddings” as Web Wed puts it. Their idea of legally getting married pretty much anywhere and still having friends and family present is remarkeable. I plan on doing an entire blog post about them soon!

As we arrived at Sunset Cliffs, we began their elopement with some beautiful bridal portraits. Kristen’s entire outfit including her shoes came from Amazon! Not to mention Morgan wore blue velvet and y’all know I adore anything velvet!

The sun was harsh so I used film to help capture more detail. You will see the shift into golden hour and how dreamy the lighting was during their ceremony. Web Wed really made the experience special with allowing their friends and family to view the ceremony live. Everything was recorded so Kristen and Morgan could use it as a keepsake to go along with their timeless photographs.

After wrapping up their ceremony, we had some time left for portraits during golden hour. Some helicopters were flying low right around then and I was able to capture Kristen jumping up and down as she yelled “We just just married!” She wanted to make sure I captured different elements of that day so I took some time to photograph the ocean, sunset, birds and everything that surrounded them. I loved this because I naturally do it anyways and having a client who adores details as much as I do makes it even more special.

When the sun had completely set, we jumped in our cars and headed for Ocean Beach. Kristen and Morgan love the area and wanted to stop by their favorite place to eat, Hodad’s. I captured both of them walking hand in hand down the sidewalk peering into their favorite shops along the way. Due to Covid, they grabbed their burgers to go and before they drove off into the night I captured some candid moments of them on my polaroid camera (images are not shown below). It was the perfect ending to their day.

Morgan and Kristen,

You both share a love for each other that people dream of having. Your Sunset Cliffs elopement was absolutely gorgeous and I truly mean it when I say you both are my ideal clients. You were able to have an amazing, intimate experience in an epic location and still have your loved ones present. I pray for safe travels as you begin this new journey in life together. My biggest hope is you cherish these photographs and have a long and beautiful marriage. I am always here if you need anything.

With Love,




Thank you for taking the time to look through just a few of my favorites from Morgan and Kristen’s Sunset Cliffs elopement. Have you ever considered eloping? If you are interested in having a beautiful elopement in an epic location, visit my inquire page and fill out my form. I take on a selected number each year and I can’t wait to hear what your vision looks like!