Of course I love all forms of photography, however fine art boudoir is one of my favorites to photograph. There is something about bringing genuine elegance to boudoir that sets my soul on fire. I am truly passionate about empowering women to feel beautiful in their own skin. This is why my work is different than most and today I am going to reveal what a fine art boudoir experience looks like with me.

First, I never focus on weird posing because it’s awkward. If you feel awkward the camera will show it. You can still have natural poses that look sexy. I also allow space for you to feel relaxed and to embrace the moment. This can mean playing music or using an essential oils diffuser. Being half nude in front of a human let alone a camera is overwhelming and my goal is to make you as comfortable as possible.

Secondly, there is no full nudity. If you choose to take off everything, not everything will show. Meaning I will use objects, flowers, sheets, water (depending on the location) or etc. to cover areas that are a bit more revealing. As for what you wear, we discuss everything leading up to your session. Here recently I began adding antiques robes to my wardrobe collection. Giving you the opportunity to wear what you want for lingerie and adding a robe in to the mix to give another look.

Third, it wouldn’t be fine art without details. Once we talk everything over and I get to know you more, then we can discuss things you love. For most, they bring their bridal lingerie, jewelry, garter, shoes, perfume or love letters. Some bring antiques or heirlooms. In this session below, Grace chose to bring flowers, jewelry and shoes to use for her detail photos.

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be fine art boudoir without a hand painted backdrop. I began painting my own backdrops last year and let me tell you, they are stunning! I use them not just for beautiful portraits, but also to style your details with. They give the boudoir session an editorial look and really emphasize the overall theme of fine art photography.

So now that we have wen’t through my boudoir process. Head over to my boudoir page here for more details. If you want more inspiration on fine art boudoir, take a look at my Pinterest board as well. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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